CLG Standard Collection

The Cerberus Legion Standard Collection is the best way to show your love for CLG! Each product is made to order and is the perfect attire for nearly every occasion. The CLG Standard Collection is embroidered with the official Cerberus Legion Gaming logo. The logo is a flame with a Cerberus drawn in the center of it. In Greek mythology, the Cerberus guards the gates of the underworld to prevent the dead from leaving. The Cerberus is actually the Roman translation from the original Greek Kerberos. The CLG Standard Collection represents the CLG standard of keeping our enemies in the grave! From a video game standpoint of course! CLG gamers are precision players who eliminate their opponents and do everything to keep them down! Don't worry though, it is all in good fun. As dominant and aggressive as we are, we are still great team players and focus on the comradery of community!. Show your support by wearing you're own piece from the CLG Standard Collection.